Sandy Gamble

City Council
Title: Vice Mayor
Phone: 352.434.7011
Sandy Gamble 16 December 2021

Sandy Gamble

Vice Mayor
Council Seat #2
Term: November 2023-November 2025

Serves on the following  Horizon Teams, Boards, or Committees (Councilmember Liaison/Lead Staffer):

  • Central Lake Regional Park West Campus Partnership Horizon Team (S. Gamble/ J. Drury/S. Aldrich)
  • West Main Street Gateway Horizon Team (S. Gamble/M. Fitzgerald)
  • Fred Stover Fields Transition Horizon Team (S. Gamble/S. Aldrich)
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization Governing Board Member: (S. Gamble/Alternate W. Price)
  • Lake County League of Cities (2nd Friday at 11:30 a.m.): (T. Singer/Alternate S. Gamble)
  • School Concurrency Annual Meeting 


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