How can I speak at the Tavares City Council Meetings?
City Council Meetings are an opportunity for the public to speak on issues of concern. This can be done in two ways:

Based on the Request to Speak forms received, the Mayor will call for comments during the appropriate agenda item. Each person who submitted a request for that topic may go to the podium and speak to the Council.

At the completion of the listed agenda items, there is an Audience to be Heard portion, when the public can go to the podium and speak on any topic of concern, whether is it on the day's agenda, or not. Persons who filled out a Request to Speak form on a topic not on the current Council agenda will be called to the podium during this time.

Once the City Council agenda has been compiled and posted, any person wishing to speak at the meeting must notify the City Clerk at or 352.253.4546.

Forms can be downloaded, filled in, and brought to the meeting or emailed to the City Clerk. Forms will also be available in the Council Chambers 30 minutes prior to the meeting for the public to fill in and submit to the City Clerk before the meeting starts.

If a form has not been turned in before the meeting, the Mayor or Chair of the meeting has the option of whether or not to accept public comment.Request to speak form

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