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Medal of Valor Awarded to Cpl. Michael Woods

Congratulations to Cpl. Michael Woods of the Tavares Police Department, who received the Medal of Valor on September 4, 2013. Cpl. Woods was recognized for great courage, professionalism and heroic bravery for the rescue of a victim of the Blue Rhino fire. An employee of Blue Rhino was fleeing the fire when he ran into the street and was hit by a car. Cpl. Woods reported to the scene and quickly ascertained that the location was too dangerous to wait on normal ambulance response. At great risk to himself, Cpl. Woods parked his patrol car in such as way as to protect the victim from the exploding propane tanks, which were shooting like missiles, with several hitting the patrol car and in close proximity to the victim. With the situation deteriorating rapidly, Cpl. Woods carried the unconscious man and placed him the back of his patrol car, then he drove him to the command post for medical aid.

Cpl. Woods received the Medal of Valor, the Tavares' Police Department's highest award. for his exceptional courage.

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