Branding, City Logos & Templates

The consistent use of our logo, in print, on websites, in presentations, in documents, and across all touchpoints helps our audiences (residents, visitors, and the business community) instantly identify our communications and services as coming from the City of Tavares.

Our logo and tagline are trademarked, "America's Seaplane City," which is a valuable asset and strengthens our identity in our community and worldwide. Its consistent color, size, and application use protects its integrity and is vital to our growth. We have developed a Graphics Standards Manual to preserve and strengthen the Tavares brand. Please refer to it after "permission to use" is obtained and when applying the Tavares logo, tagline, or colors (read below permission to use).

The City of Tavares takes trademark infringement seriously and has copyright and trademark registrations to protect its brand. The City of Tavares logo is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The Tavares logo is a valuable asset; protecting its integrity is vital to our growth. The reproduction standards and artwork in this manual were developed to preserve and strengthen the Tavares brand. The City reserves the right to defend and maintain its logo legally. Unauthorized use will not be allowed.

Permission to Use Logo
The City of Tavares logo usage must be requested and approved in advance by the Public Communications Office and cannot be granted by any other city employee or agent. For additional information, contact Mark O'Keefe, at 352-253-4343 or Email Mark O'Keefe 

You may receive permission from Tavares by phone, email or mail. If you or your company wants to use the City of Tavares Logo long-term, Tavares might require a licensing agreement, which involves the payment for the rights to use the logo. Tavares can also decline to permit the use of its logo. 

Response to the initial inquiry about the use of the City Logo:

Dear (Person requesting use of City Logo)

As you can imagine, the City of Tavares receives many requests from private individuals or organizations asking to use the City logo for various purposes. Because the logo has become an identifiable brand of the City, it must be used professionally and remain accurate and unchanged.

 When responding to requests to use the City logo, we ask that the following information be provided:

  • Specific details on the program or activity that the logo will be used to promote.
  • Professional standing and purpose of the group making the request.  Is it a non-profit, LLC, or incorporated in Florida?
  • If the logo is used in fundraising activities, how will the various donations be tracked and recorded, and by whom?  Will there be a special account set up by the organization doing the fundraising, or will the donations be turned over directly to the City? 
  • How will the logo be used?  Will it be placed on t-shirts, flyers, posters, or other promotional materials?  Will it be used in newspaper, TV, or magazine ads? (Please note that the City must review and approve each item before it is manufactured or printed to ensure that it meets branding guidelines.)

Once this information is submitted, requests are generally processed within 7-14 days. 

For clarity, here is the statement the CIty will attach once we agree that a private group or individual can use the logo.

Dear (Person requesting use of City Logo),

The City of Tavares grants temporary approval for the _____(organization or person)________________ to use the logo for the preliminary design work on_______(what)_______.  The logo may not be used for any other purpose without further authorization.  The City of Tavares has the right of final review and approval before the manufacture or reproduction of any materials utilizing the Tavares logo.  You may not change the logo's color or its design in any way.  Do not stretch, arch, or distort the logo. The seaplane icon, the specialized font, and the words “America’s Seaplane City” are all part of the official Tavares logo and cannot be used individually.

Graphic Standards for the City of Tavares

City Logos

The city logo comes in a variety of file formats. If you are working with a vendor with specific graphic requirements, please refer them to the Public Communications Department for assistance.

To download, right-click on the link and select "save target as."

Routine use:

  • Two-color logo, small-sized and low resolution for attachment to an email signature
  • Two-color logo, CMYK, jpg, used for routine office applications
  • Black logo, jpg, used for routine office applications

Commercial Printing:


To download, right-click on the link and select "save target as".

Patent Office Registration for Brand