Reuse Division

Emergency REUSE WATER issues during regular business hours call: 352.742.6222
Emergency water/sewer issues evenings and weekends call: 352.742.6300
(emergency service calls are routed through the Lake County Sheriff’s Office dispatch services during the evenings/weekends/holiday's)

The Reuse (Reclaimed Water) Division provides an alternate source of water for irrigation purposes. Reuse water is disinfected with chlorine before being sent to the reuse storage and pumping facility. The storage facility has a capacity of 5 million gallons which is then pumped to the public through a 10+ mile reuse distribution system that furnishes irrigation for homes, businesses and the citrus groves.  Reuse water can be identified by purple colored pipes, meter boxes, and meters. The Reuse Division is continually expanding the reuse distribution system to provide reuse water throughout the city. 

While reuse water is safe for irrigation, it should not be used for the following:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Filling swimming pools or spas
Connecting to household plumbing