First Time SeeClickFix User Instructions

First Time User Instructions

The City is now partnering with SeeClickFix to provide faster and more convenient options for our citizens to submit service requests. The first time you enter a request you will be prompted to set up an account with SeeClickFix. This sign up screen will be displayed after you click the "Next" button. A screenshot of the signup screen is below.

Once initially logged in, you will remain logged in on the online entry through the City website.

Having a user account benefits you as a new user so that SeeClickFix can display current and previous service requests you have entered. As a citizen, you will be able to check the status and receive updates on your service requests.

Image of First time user SeeClickFix0
*When selecting a Display Name, it does not have to be your actual name. The display name you select is public-facing will be used by SeeClickFix when citizens view service requests that have been entered in their neighborhood or the City. Your email address will never be publicly displayed.

Optionally, requests may be entered through the "Guest" tab if you would prefer to not set up an account with SeeClickFix.

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For questions or help, please call Mark O'Keefe at (352) 253-4343 You may also contact SeeClickFix at (800) 369-9060.