Right-of-Way Operations Division

Right-of-way (ROW) maintenance is the second line of defense in stormwater management right after street sweeping, detention swales, retention ponds like the Ecological Park, stormwater curb and gutters, underground transmittal lines, treatment centers, and filtration systems. All of these lines of defense (except for ROW) are managed by the Utility's Storm Water Management Department. 

The Right-of-Way Operations Division's mission is to provide high-quality right-of-way maintenance to ensure roadside vegetation is maintained correctly to allow the public to safely and efficiently use city streets and sidewalks.

The Right-of-Way Operations Division consists of one supervisor and four staff members. This division is responsible for maintaining the City's Vegetation & Tree Program to ensure adequate roadside vegetation to allow the public to safely and efficiently use city streets and sidewalks. Weather permitting, routine maintenance is performed on a 2-3 week schedule. Additional responsibilities include management of maintenance contracts, maintenance of right-of-way, clearing vision triangles, preventing vegetative obstruction of traffic signage, perc/retention ponds, tree trimming/removal, and erosion control.

By working together, the Right-of-Way Operations Division also provides Event support and support to other divisions when necessary to meet our city's goals.

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