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The City Administrator works directly for the five elected City Council Members and is responsible for implementing the policies developed by and the city budget approved by the City Council. Primary areas of focus are the efficient delivery of municipal day-to-day public services, the development of the City Council meeting agenda, and the planning for the City’s future. Direct reports include the City Clerk, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Director of Public Works, Director of Utilities, Director of Community Development, Director of Community Services, Director of Finance, Director of Public Communications, and Director of Human Resources (pictured below).

John Drury, the current City Administrator is originally from Stowe, Vermont.  He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Airport Administration along with his pilot’s license in 1985.

Since then, his career has included the management of public airports in Florida, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Prior to coming to Tavares, he served as Town Manager for Stowe, Vermont.  John is also a board member of the United States Seaplane Pilots Association. 

He is married to his wife JoAnne and they have five (5) children and two dogs.

Team Tavares

Department Directors and City Council

Left to Right: Fire Chief Richard Keith, Councilmember Bob Grenier, Mike Fitzgerald, James Dillon, Scott Aldrich, Lori Houghton, Councilmember Lori Pfister, City Administrator John Drury, Councilmember Troy Singer, Mark O'Keefe, Vice Mayor Sandy Gamble, Crissy Bublitz, Susie Novack, Police Cheif Sarah Coursey, Phil Clark, Mayor Walter B. Price, Sr., and Bob Tweedie.

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