Planning & Zoning Board

The City of Tavares Planning & Zoning Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 21 E Main Street, Tavares 32778

The Planning & Zoning Board acts as a recommending body to the City Council.  City staff prepares a statement of findings concerning an applications compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations as well as any recommendations for additional requirements.  After receiving an application, the Planning & Zoning Board shall report to the City Council whether it concurs in whole or in part with the staff's proposed findings, and if there are differences, the Planning & Zoning Board will propose its own recommendation and reasons therefore.  In response to the recommendations of the Planning & Zoning Board, an applicant may modify an application prior to submission to the City Council.

The Planning & Zoning Board consists of 7 members with 3 year terms and 1 representative from the Lake County School Board.  Board Members must be residents of the City of Tavares and are appointed by the Mayor.

Planning & Zoning Board Members

Gary S. Santoro - Chairman 
(Term: 2017-2020)
William S. Stomp 
(Term: 2019-2022)
Dara Treadwell  
(Term: 2019-2022)
Gary Koerner  
(Term: 2019-2022)
Morris E. Osborn 
(Term: 2017-2020)
Deborah Murphy 
(Term: 2017-2020)
Lou Buigas 
(Term: 2019-2022)
Helen LaValley - Lake County School Board Representative

Staff Liaison:  Mike Fitzgerald, Community Development Director
                        Ph 352.742.6408  Email

Planning & Zoning Board Application

Please contact the City Clerk at 352.742.6209 or by email with questions regarding serving on a City of Tavares board or committee.


Applications should be submitted to the City Clerk.