Master Plan - Downtown CRA

What is a Master Plan? 

A Master Plan is a comprehensive long range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community or region. The Master Plan provided here provides guidelines for the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). It includes analysis, recommendations and proposals for the future population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use.

A Master Plan is based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions. A Master Plan is a policy based document; it does not regulate land use or zoning.
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The Master Plan for the Downtown CRA is a very large document. For ease in downloading, it has been divided into chapters. Clink on the individual links below.

Part I - Overview

Cover, Executive Summary & Index

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Project Background & Planning Process
Plan Organization

Chapter 2 - Context
Historic Context
Geographic Context
Relationship to Previous Plans & Programs

Chapter 3 - Community Participation
Visioning Sessions Summary
Strengths, Weakness & Opportunities Summary
Public Participation Conclusion

Part II - Redevelopment Master Plan

Plan Content and Description

Composite Plan (Map)

Chapter 4 - Land Use & Development Characteristics


  • Existing land Use
  • Planned Development Projects
  • Proposed Development Characteristics
Character Districts
  • Commercial Corridor District
  • Residential Neighborhood Districts
    • Downtown North Neighborhoods
    • West Main Neighborhoods
    • Downtown Transition Mixed-use District
Chapter 5 - Urban Design & Historic Preservation


Public Realm Guidelines
  • Street Grid & Views
  • Streetscape Design Guidelines
Private Realm Guidelines
  • Urban Design Analysis
  • Downtown Core
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Commercial Corridor District
Historic Preservation

Chapter 6 - Circulation & Connectivity
Street Network
Pedestrian & Bicycle Circulation

Chapter 7 - Public Facilities & Amenities
Parks & Open Space
Civic Facilities
Public Safety

Chapter 8 - Environment
Water Quality
Seaplane Basin & Railroad Impacts
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Chapter 9 - Economic Development
Demographic Profile
Economic Development Strategies

Part III Implementation

Chapter 10 - Program Administration & Financing
Redevelopment Project Implementation
Finance & Management
Waterfront Development Funding Strategies
Action Plan Summary Matrix

Chapter 11 - Implementation Plan


  • 5 Yr Implementation Projects Budget
  • 5 Yr Implementation Projects Detailed


Part IV Appendices