Adopt a Storm Drain

Sounds funny, right?  But, clean storm drains help prevent localized flooding.  City crews work to keep storm drains clear, but with over 5,000 drains in Tavares, your help is needed!
The City has created the Adopt a Storm Drain program to encourage residents to assist in keeping the City's storm drains clear of debris.  This will allow smooth water runoff and protect neighborhoods from flooding.
Storm drains are rectangular grates with slats and are normally located near the edge of the street.  These grates collect water which then flows from neighborhoods to the nearest stream or lake.
 Storm drain in curb
 Storm drain grassy area What's in it for you?  Neighborhood streets are kept free from debris and flooding and, by reducing flooding, wear and tear is reduced on local roads.  Clean, free-flowing storm drains also prevent damage to yards and wash out under the edges of pavement and sidewalks.
Volunteers are needed to keep debris and vegetation from blocking the flow of water through the grates.  If a grate cannot be easily cleared, a quick call to the City will dispatch an inspector for clean up.
All volunteers will attend a brief training session.  After six months of monitoring, volunteers will receive an official "Tavares, America's Seaplane City" T-shirt.  For more information, or if you'd like a speaker for your homeowner's association or community meeting, contact Tavares Utilities Department at 352.742.6462.  
Ready to volunteer?
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