Tips & Tricks

  • Carpool whenever possible. Not only does it save gas, but it also reduces impact to roads and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Take the bus. Learn more about LakeXpress the County's fixed route bus service. You may be surprised to find that a bus runs right by your workplace.
  • Encourage walking. Tavares has a series of interconnecting sidewalks and bike paths that provide safe transportation alternatives.
  • Drive "green" - Don't idle. Place car in park or turn off the ignition if you know you are going to be stopped in one location for any length of time. Save gas and reduce carbon emissions. Keep your car well tuned and avoid stop-and-go traffic whenever possible.
  • Drive a "green" car. Hybrids are now available to match any need.
  • Use a golf cart for in-city travel. Tavares is a golf cart community, encouraging their use wherever the speed limit is 35 mph or less. Downtown also offers several charging stations where golf carts and electric cars can be recharged for free.
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