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Update #10: Wednesday, January 15, 2019

Work has begun to remove the 80-hurricane damaged concrete marina pilings. Temporary changes affect boats and seaplanes. A notice to airman regarding crane/construction impact has been issued, pilots review NOTAMs.Image of Construction Crane removing old marina pilings Jan 14 2020

In the meantime, many boaters and seaplane pilots are enjoying mooring up along the Tavares shoreline, fueling at the fuel pumps and unloading and loading passengers at the temporary docks. The Tavares Marina & Seaplane Base is located at 150 E Ruby Street. For more information please call Tavares Prop Shop 352.742.6267.

This phase of the project began on January 6, 2020, and is estimated to take seven weeks.

  • Periodic boat ramp closure during construction: see signage at Wooton Park West boat ramp (South Sinclair Ave) on Lake Dora
  • Open boat ramp at Prop Shop, Wooton Park East (150 East Ruby St) for boat launch and recovery only. Parking for boat trailers is located in the grass field west of the City Volleyball Courts (South Joanna Ave) on Lake Dora.
  • Open seaplane ramp and apron-aircraft parking only at Prop Shop, Wooton Park East (150 East Ruby St). Airman check NOTAMs for potential construction impacts. Tavares Prop Shop 352-742-6267 Identifier FA1 Unicom Frequency 122.975 MHz

December 11, 2019: Big news!  City Council approved and authorize the execution of a contract between the City and Haskell Company and authorize staff to issue a Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the scope of work. (See below for details).

How long does it take to build a large city project?

The rule of thumb in a typical governmental agency is that it takes:

  1. One year to decide whether to do the project (The docks were already built so we don’t have to spend the time deciding).
  2. One year to find the money (The good news is the city had purchased “replacement insurance and betterment insurance” on the Marina and Seaplane Base).
  3. One year to design (currently nearing completion), engineer and permit a project (obtain permits from the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and St. John’s Water Management District).
  4. One year to construct a project — and that’s a fast-track community project.

The Tavares Pavilion on the Lake took six years to build, and the new Public Safety Complex took seven years to build.



SUBJECT TITLE: Approval of Agreement With Haskell Company for Removal of Marina Pilings

(Economic Development)


To approve a construction contract with the Haskell Company to remove the concrete and wooden pilings to "make way" for the seaplane base and marina rebuild facilities that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma.


Previously the City Council and Insurance Company approved the selection of Haskell Company of Jacksonville FL, through a competitive Request for Qualifications (RFQ) solicitation, for Design/Build services of the reconstruction of the Seaplane Base & Marina. Council and the insurance company approved a preliminary services agreement which was executed on July 24th, 2018 and a Notice to Proceed (NTP) for engineering & design services was issued on August 1, 2018. This phase currently stands at approximately 95% complete. Upon completion, in the coming weeks, Haskell will provide a complete set of construction documents and a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Proposal for Council’s consideration.

The 95% re-build plans call for the removal of the existing pilings as they are not usable because:

1) They were compromised by the Hurricane

2) They are in the wrong configuration for the re-build and

3) They are in the wrong location for the re-build.

City staff has negotiated a contract in the amount of $294,683 with Haskell to remove all the existing piles which have been approved by the insurance company at 98% reimbursement. The remaining 2% has previously been budgeted by the City. 

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