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F Clark, Marcia – Blood Defense
F Knoll, Jessica – Luckiest Girl Alive
F Nichols, Peter – The Rocks
F Prentiss, Molly – Tuesday Nights in 1980
F Quindlen, Anna – Miller’s Valley
F Runcie, James – Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
F Sweeney, Cynthia – The Nest
PBK Brandvold, Peter – Rogue Lawman: Border Snakes


158.12 Sciandra, Kate – The Mindfulness Habit 
236.2 Kurz, Gary – Wagging Tails in Heaven

332.024 Lowe, Cherie – Slaying the Debt Dragon
356.1182 Suermondt, Jan – Infantry Weapons of World War II
385.314 Rhodes, Michael – North American Railyards
519.5 Kelley, Michael – The Humongous Book of Statistical Problems
613.04244 Benson, Herbert – Relaxation Revolution]
613.2 Petersen, Grant – Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog
613.25 Promaulayko, Michele – 20 Pounds Younger
613.25 Zulberg, David – The 5 Skinny Habits
631.875 Cummings, Dede – The Organic Composting Handbook
641.22 McCarthy, Ed – Wine for Dummies
641.3 Lillien, Lisa – Hungry Girl: Clean & Hungry
641.5612 Cooking – Cooking for Two
641.5636 Baur, Gene – Living the Farm Sanctuary Life
641.5637 Nielson, Michele – Eat, Drink, and Be Green
641.5975 Little, Stacey – The Southern Bite Cookbook
641.5975 Willis, Virginia – Basic to Brilliant, Y’All
650.1 Salzberg, Sharon – Real Happiness at Work
745.4 Fink, Joanne – Zenspirations: Letters & Patterning
781.66 Weller, Shelia – Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon
794 Hofer, Margaret – The Games We Played: The Golden Age of Board & Table Games
796.357 Kahn, Roger – The Boys of Summer
910.9163 Matsen, Brad – Titanic’s Last Secrets: The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler

 B Simon, Carly – Boys in the Trees

Large Print

LP F Afshar, Tessa – Land of Silence
LP F Alexander, Hannah – Dandelion Moon
LP F Black, Lisa – That Darkness
LP F Boggs, Johnny – Top Soldier
LP F Bradley, Lisa – Silence in the Dark
LP F Brooks, Bill – Frontier Justice
LP F Bybee, Catherine – Wife by Wednesday
LP F Bylin, Victoria – Someone Like You
LP F Caroll, Robin – Torrents of Destruction
LP F Church, Elizabeth – The Atomic Weight of Love
LP F Cushman, Kathryn – Fading Starlight
LP F Dellosso, Mike – Kill Devil
LP F Dugoni, Robert – Her Final Breath
LP F Gabhart, AH – Murder Comes by Mail
LP F Gaynor, Hazel – The Girl from the Savoy
LP F Gooden, Arthur – The Trail of Vengeance
LP F Gray, Shelley – A Daughter’s Dream
LP F Grove, Fred – War Journey
LP F Hannon, Irene – Sea Rose Lane
LP F Harte, Samantha – Her Outlaw Heart
LP F Harvey, Kristy – Lies and Other Acts of Love
LP F Johnstone, William – Those Jensen Boys! Rimfire
LP F Johnstone, William – Will Tanner, US Deputy Marshal
LP F Kent, Alison – Bliss and the Art of Forever
LP F McCall Smith, Alexander – The Revolving Door of Life
LP F McCrumb, Sharyn – Prayers the Devil Answers
LP F Monroe, Mary – A Lowcountry Wedding
LP F Naigle, Nancy – Mint Juleps and Justice
LP F Nye, Nelson – The Killer of Cibecue
LP F O’Nan, Stewart – City of Secrets
LP F Oates, Joyce – The Doll-Master
LP F Reid, Ruth – A Dream of Miracles
LP F Stone, RW – Badman’s Pass
LP F Thayer, Nancy – The Island House
LP F Thomas, Jodi – Lone Heart Pass
LP F Walsh, Courtney – Change of Heart

LP 639.909741 Ford, John – Deer Diaries: Tales of a Maine Game Warden
LP 791.4302 MacLaine, Shirley – Above the Line: My Wild Oats Adventure
LP 958.104 Romesha, Clinton – Red Platoon

LP B McCreery, Scotty – Go Big or Go Home

NF boys
 F dream  NF go
 F rimfire