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F Atkins, Ace – The Innocents
F Burke, James – The Jealous Kind
F Coben, Harlan – Home
F Galbraith, Robert – The Silkworm
F Grisham, John – The Whistler
F Hepinstall, Kathy – Blue Asylum
F Kasasian, MRC – Mangle Street Murders
F Patterson, James – Cross the Line
F Patterson, James – Never Never
F Pavone, Chris – The Travelers
F Punke, Michael – The Revenant
F Rankin, Ian – Even Dogs in the Wild
F Traviss, Karen – Sacrifice


Large Print

LP F Boggs, Johnny – Hard Way Out of Hell
LP F Bradley, Patricia – Justice Delayed
LP F Brand, Max – The Western Double

LP F Brooks, Bill – Winter Kill
LP F Brown, Carolyn – The Lullaby Sky
LP F Chapman, Vannetta – Deep Shadows
LP F Coes, Ben – First Strike
LP F Crouch, Blake – Pines
LP F Dailey, Janet – Christmas on My Mind
LP F Dugoni, Robert – In the Clearing
LP F Elliot, Kendra – Vanished
LP F Evans, Richard – The Mistletoe Secret
LP F Farrell, Cliff – Ride the Wild Country
LP F Fishman, Zoe – Inheriting Edith
LP F Flynn, Vince – Order to Kill
LP F Freethy, Barbara – Summer Rain
LP F Gould, Leslie – Amish Weddings
LP F Gray, Shelley – An Amish Family Christmas
LP F Green, Jocelyn – The Mark of the King
LP F Henry, Will – Summer of the Gun
LP F Herne, Ruth – Home on the Range
LP F Hoffman, Alice – Faithful
LP F Isaac, Kara – Can’t Help Falling
LP F Jenkins, Beverly – Forbidden
LP F Johansen, Iris – Night Watch
LP F Johnstone, William – A Stranger in Town
LP F Kendig, Ronie – Conspiracy of Silence
LP F Lingerfelt, James – Alabama Irish
LP F Long, Kelly – An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

LP F McCoy, Max – The Wild Rider

LP F Martin, Charles – Long Way Gone
LP F Monroe, Mary – A Lowcountry Christmas

LP F Mulford, Clarence – Tex

LP F Naigle, Nancy – Barbecue and Bad News

LP F Orchard, Sandra – Another Day, Another Dali

LP F Overholser, Wayne – Summer Warpath

LP F Perry, Anne – A Christmas Message

LP F Reay, Katherine – A Portrait of Emily Price

LP F Ryan, Renee – Journey’s End

LP F Scott, Leslie – The Phantom Riders

LP F Smith, Martin – The Girl from Venice

LP F Thomas, Jodi – Sunrise Crossing

LP F Tippette, Giles – The Horse Thieves

LP F Warren, Susan – Wild Montana Skies

LP F West, Catherine – The Things We Knew

LP F White, Randy – Seduced
LP F Wiehl, Lis The Candidate

LP B Sager, Carole – They’re Playing Our Song

LP 248.4 Niequist, Shauna – Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living
LP 363.95 Goodavage, Maria – Secret Service Dogs
LP 370.92 Mason, C – Born Bright: A Young Girl’s Journey from Nothing to Something in America

LP B Trussoni, Danielle – The Fortress

LP B Wilson – I Am Brian Wilson

F innocents
 F jealous  NF victorian
 LP seduced