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F Adcock, Siobhan – The Barter
F Bowen, Rhys – The Family Way
F Butterworth, William – The Hunting Trip
F Coffey, Billy – The Curse of Crow Hollow
F Dobson, Melanie – Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor
F Eakes, Laurie – A Stranger’s Secret
F Feehan, Christine – Spider Game
F Gabhart, Ann – Love Comes Home
F Gerlach, Rita – Beyond the Valley
F Goddard, Elizabeth – A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride
F Goddard, Robert – The Ways of the World
F Graham, Heather – The Dead Play On
F Hedlund, Jody – Hearts Made Whole
F Henderson, Dee – Taken
F Herrick, Ellen – The Sparrow Sisters
F Hickam, Homer – Carrying Albert Home
F Hill, Grace – Matched Pearls
F Hoag, Tami – The Bitter Season
F Howe, Melodie – City of Mirrors
F Jackson, Lisa – After She’s Gone
F Johnson, Christine – Love’s Rescue
F Karon, Jan – Come Rain or Come Shine
F Koontz, Dean – Ashley Bell
F Ladd, Sarah – The Curiosity Keeper
F Maupin, Armistead – The Days of Anna Madrigal
F Mills, Diann – Leather and Lace
F Mitchell, David – Slade House
F Morgan, Kathleen – A Love Forbidden
F Moshfegh, Ottessa – Eileen
F Perry, Thomas – Forty Thieves
F Peters, Ralph – Valley of the Shadow
F Rand, Ayn – Ideal
F Simsion, Graeme – The Rosie Effect
F Snelling, Lauraine – Streams of Mercy
F Sparks, Nicholas – See Me
F Spencer, Katherine – Together for Christmas
F Toyne, Simon – The Searcher
F Turano, Jen – In Good Company
F Wiseman, Ellen – Coal River
PBK Brandon, Ali – Literally Murder
PBK McKinlay, Jenn – On Borrowed Time


004.67 Steyer, James – Talking Back to Facebook
248.4 Spitzer, Robert – Finding True Happiness
248.86 McCord, Kate – Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places
253 Willis, Dustin – Life in Community
269.2 Lutzer, Erwin – How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God
282.092 Ivereigh, Austen – The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope
286.732 Cummings, Des – Creation Health Discovery
306.7 Strauss, Neil – The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book about Relationships
306.874 Uhls, Yalda – Media Moms & Digital Dads
306.874084 Grubb, Valerie – Planes, Canes, and Automobiles
338.10973 Hauter, Wenonah – Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America
338.7 Robin, Marie-Monique – The World According to Monsanto
339.47019 Yarrow, Kit – Decoding the New Consumer Mind
362.733 Alper, Joanne – Assessing Adoptive and Foster Parents
363.1929 Druker, Steven – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth
363.762 Brown, Kate – Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters
364.1523092 Little – The Little Book of Jack the Ripper
371.58 Valle, Trixia – Mi Bully y Yo
576.84 Benton, Michael – When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time
582.16 Hugo, Nancy – Trees Up Close
613.2 Khalsa, Dharma – La Alimentación como Medicina
613.25 Raffetto, Meri – Glycemic Index Diet for Dummies
613.6 Blue, Violet – The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy
616.0472 Stein, Traci – The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management
616.1 Harrar, Sarí – Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally
616.83 Smith, Pamela – What You Must Know About Memory Loss & How You Can Stop It
616.99 Mascotti, Terese – Chemolicious: Getting to Your Best Self
641.563 Oliver, Jamie – Everyday Super Food
641.81 Chun, Lauryn – The Kimchi Cookbook
649.1 Caviness, Ylonda – Child, Please
704 Harlem – Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America
720.92 Kelly, Annie – Casa Mexicana Style
728 Witynski, Karen – Hacienda Style
759.9409 Stukenbrock, Christiane – 1000 Masterpieces of European Painting
791.4572 Loubatière, Patrick – Little House on the Prairie From A to Z
792.6 Maslon, Laurence – The Sound of Music Companion
810.8358 Kennedy, Caroline – A Patriot’s Handbook
810.997 Eby, Margaret – South Toward Home: Travels in Southern Literature
822.3303 Crystal, David – Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary
929.10285 McCullough, Dana – Unofficial Guide to
932.01 Carpiceci, Alberto – Art and History of Egypt
956 Evans, Mike – See You in New York
974.7 Black, Mary – Old New York in Early Photographs, 1853-1901

 B Kardashian, Kim – Kim
B Mengers, Sue – Can I Go Now?
B Stevens, Robert – Finding Robert: What the Doctors Never Told Us About Autism Spectrum Disorder
B Younger, Jordan – Breaking Vegan

 FL 133.108759 Thuma, Cynthia – Haunted Florida
FL 917.59381 Streisand, Gordon – 111 Places in Miami and the Keys that You Must Not Miss

Large Print

LP F Alexander, Johnnie – Where She Belongs
LP F Anderson, Catherine – New Leaf
LP F Andrews, VC – Bittersweet Dreams
LP F Baggott, Julianna – Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders
LP F Bartels, Zachary – The Last Con
LP F Blackwell, Juliet – The Paris Key
LP F Brand, Max – The Cure of Silver Cañon
LP F Byler, Linda – The Witnesses
LP F Clark, Dorothy – An Unlikely Love
LP F Collins, Ace – The Fruitcake Murders
LP F Crosley, Sloane – The Clasp
LP F Doiron, Paul – The Precipice
LP F Ermine, Will – Outlaw on Horseback
LP F Fisher, Suzanne – The Imposter
LP F Freethy, Barbara – Beautiful Storm
LP F Fuller, Kathleen – A Reluctant Bride
LP F Gabhart, AH – Murder at the Courthouse
LP F Gerritsen, Tess – Playing with Fire
LP F Gilroy, MK – Cold as Ice
LP F Gooden, Arthur – Roaring River Range
LP F Gray, Shelley – Whispers in the Reading Room
LP F Green, Jocelyn – Yankee in Atlanta
LP F Grey, Zane – Panguitch
LP F Hannon, Irene – Thin Ice
LP F Henry, Will – Apache Ransom
LP F Jackson, Lisa – After She’s Gone
LP F Johnstone, JA – Bullets Don’t Die
LP F Kendrick, Beth – Put a Ring on It
LP F Love, Dorothy – A Respectable Actress
LP F March, Emily – Heartsong Cottage
LP F McCall Smith, Alexander – Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers
LP F McClure, Marcia – The Windswept Flame
LP F Morton, Kate – The Lake House
LP F Mosley, Walter – And Sometimes I Wonder About You
LP F Mulford, Clarence – The Bar-20 Three
LP F Naigle, Nancy – Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes
LP F Paine, Lauran – Night of the Rustler’s Moon
LP F Peterson, Doug – The Vanishing Woman
LP F Reay, Katherine – The Brontë Plot
LP F Rendell, Ruth – Dark Corners
LP F Rosenberg, Joel – The First Hostage
LP F Scott, Leslie – The Desert Rider
LP F Stewart, Amy – Girl Waits with Gun
LP F Strout, Elizabeth – My Name Is Lucy Barton
LP F Thayne, RaeAnne – Redemption Bay
LP F Thomas, Jodi – Ransom Canyon
LP F Thompson, Janice – Every Girl Gets Confused
LP F Turansky, Carrie – A Refuge at Highland Hall
LP F Walsh, Courtney – Paper Hearts
LP F Wells, Lee – Treachery Pass
LP F West, Charles – A Man Called Sunday
LP F Wheeler, Richard – Easy Street
LP F Woods, Sherryl – Willow Brook Road

 LP 364.152 Scarpa, Linda – The Mafia Hit Man’s Daughter
LP 616.890092 Kennedy, Patrick – A Common Struggle
LP 791.4572 De Visé, Daniel – Andy and Don
LP 910.9164 Frankline, Jonathan – 438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea
LP 943.8053 Gilbert, Joanne – Women of Valor: Polish Resisters to the Third Reich
LP B Hemingway, Ernest – Hemingway in Love