Reserve Officers

The reserve program is not a new concept to Police work.  The Tavares Police Department has recently implemented a reserve program to help supplement and support road patrol and special events held within the City.  The Reserve Officers are similar to full time Police Officers.  They have the same authority and training as a regular Police Officer.  The Reserve Officers also have the same uniforms and equipment as a full time Police Officer. The only difference is that these professional individuals work for no salary compensation.

The Reserve Officer is authorized by the State of Florida to make arrests and act accordingly to the powers granted by Florida State Statues.

The reserve program currently has six members.  These individuals have to go through the same pre-employment process as a salaried Officer and must complete the Field Training course which is fourteen weeks long.  During the Field Training course the Reserve Officers will be observed, trained, and evaluated based on their performance.
Swearing in of Reserves
Chief Stoney Lubins Swears in Reserve Officers